Tilting at Windmills

Photography is something I’ve wanted to be interested in for sometime now.  My wife and I are fairly experienced travelers, especially to many of the United States’ more beautiful areas. I’ve been fortunate to visit approximately half of the National Park System, we’ve thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, climbed Denali and Rainier, etc etc. However, I’ve nearly always been disappointed with our attempts to capture some of these moments on film. We’ve relied nearly exclusively on our phone cameras, without a ton of effort to setup our shots.  As time went on I became increasingly frustrated with this situation, and my frustration led me to consider taking this whole photography thing seriously.  I’ll probably always be a barely-novice part-time duffer in this hobby, but I really want to get better for getting betters sake.

I could drone on about me, but it’s quite boring and I’m overlong winded anyway…

So, if you’re in for watching trainwrecks, follow along as I try to keep my sanity (and bank account) from breaking down as I go tilting at windmills.

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